About us:
CEMUN - Central Eurasian Model United Nations is the first platform in Kazakhstan, uniting proactive youths from Central Asia and Eurasia, including major cities such as Astana, Almaty, Bishkek, Dushanbe, Tashkent, Ashgabat, and key European cities. We're here to empower youth to tackle pressing issues such as water scarcity, human rights, gender inequality, and technological advancements, offering a unique platform to voice your solutions.
CEMUN uniquely bridges Turkic countries with Europe, fostering diplomatic ties and cultural exchange. Our mission? To equip the youth of Central Eurasia with the tools they need to address both regional and global challenges effectively. he moment has arrived for Central Eurasia's youth to voice their solutions to the challenges confronting our nations. Students from schools and universities will collaborate in teams, embodying United Nations Committees and representing distinct countries, to address these pressing issues.
Join us from April 5th to 7th in Kazakhstan's heart, Astana, for an enriching experience. Open to students aged 15-25 from Central Asia and Europe, this event is your gateway to becoming a part of an influential youth dialogue
150 participants.
April 5th - 7th, 2024.
Astana, Kazakhstan
High schools: Regional schools, NIS, RPMS, BIL, Universities all from CA countries.
Age requirements:
High School - 15 to 17.
University students - 20 to 25.
Astana, the heart of Kazakhstan, stands at the crossroads of East and West, blending modernity with rich cultural traditions. As one of the world's most vibrant and dynamically developing cities, Astana attracts intellectuals, diplomats, and young leaders from around the globe. The city's futuristic skyline, paired with traditional Kazakh hospitality, offers an unparalleled backdrop for CEMUN.

When: April 5th to 7th.
Registration for participants
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What is CEMUN?
CEMUN is the premier platform for Central Asian and European youths to unite, addressing regional and global challenges while offering networking opportunities with distinguished speakers and diplomats. As a registered NGO, CEMUN fosters a collaborative environment for learning and diplomacy.
What is MUN?
Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation where participants adopt the roles of global diplomats, engage in debates, and develop resolutions on world issues, mirroring the operations of the United Nations.
How can I participate?
Click the "Register" button to fill out the form. Our team will contact you within 1-2 days for a brief interview.
What does the interview involve?
We'll discuss your interests, background, and English proficiency to ensure you're a great fit for CEMUN. Expect an email with the results within 48 hours.
Who is the ideal candidate?
We're looking for enthusiastic youths committed to making a difference, eager to dive into UN topics and diplomacy.
What benefits do I receive?
Participants gain invaluable insights, an official invitation, comprehensive learning materials, a participation certificate which you can include in your CV and the opportunity for exceptional delegates to attend European MUNs, along with networking sessions with key figures and speakers.
Payment and Logistics
What are the participation fees?
Fees for school and university students will be communicated post-interview. They cover extensive training, conference participation, and a CEMUN delegate package, including post-event networking.
What payment methods are accepted?
We accept bank transfers. Details will be provided.
Where will I stay during the conference?
Accommodations will be arranged by our team for international delegates. Local participants are encouraged to manage their own lodging.
Can I withdraw my participation?
Withdrawals are possible for urgent matters. Please inform us at least one week in advance.